AaBioVét : Laboratoire Eurorégional d'Analyses Vétérinaires
Centre d'activités - 29, quai du Haut-Pont - F-62500 Saint-Omer
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Trusted since 1986 by French veterinary surgeons and animal or human food traders, our laboratory is private and fully independant of another activity or unit.

In our technical and logistical structure in Saint-Omer (North of France), we perform a wide variety of analysis :

·   Veterinary biology for all animal species (breeding or sport animals, pets  etc.)

·   Food microbiology

Both many veterinary surgeons, whose always renewed reliance permit us to grow, and veterinary pharmaceutical industry, who provides clinical studies (see previous studies), know the high quality and efficiency of our work.

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Neosporosis antibodies test on milk,

Leptospirosis test by PCR,

Detection of pregnant cows by associated proteins dosing in serums (asa 28 d post AI),

Antibodies tests for Ostertagiosis on milk (in winter only)

Multiplex PCR - cattle -(abortion - respiratory diseases)

Piglets diarrhea - muliplex Elisa

Accredited lab n° 1-2353 .......see www.cofrac.fr for details

technical annexe        

"Wellknown lab" by french administration to perform legal Salmonellosis researches in poultry farms (for legal autocontrols with NFU47-100 method - ISO6579 AM1)

See Cofrac technical annexe for accredited analysis

Veterinary biology
Haematology - Biochemistry - Immunology
Serology - Bacteriology - Parasitology
Autopsies - Virology - Molecular biology

Analysis for all species
Farm animals
Traditionnal or industrial breedings
Sport or leisure animals
Pets and new pets

Food or environmental Microbiology

Aa Bio Vét : SARL au capital de 251 200 €
RCS St-Omer 449087337